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Play Therapy

Pinwheel Kids

Play therapy can be used for a variety of reasons including:

  • behavioral issues which can be caused by bullying, grief and loss, divorce, abuse, crisis and trauma.

  • mental health disorders including anxiety, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, academic and social impairment, physical and learning disabilities, and conduct disorders.


There are many types of play therapy and the modality chosen will depend on the child, the concerns, the child's history and the training of the therapist. At The Legacy House, we offer: Child Centered Play Therapy, Circle of Security, Child Parent Psychotherapy, Traumaplay, Theraplay,

EMDR as well as more directive play therapy. 

Teenagers in Nature

Counseling for Teens

The adolescent years can be challenging for both teens and their parents. This generation faces many new pressures and may not always react in the healthiest ways. Some of the struggles are a normal part of growing up, like dealing with peer groups, experimenting with new ideas, and going through changes in mood, identity, and interests. In some cases, they may need counseling to help them cope with their problems. 

The staff at The Legacy House can help improve communication, identify strengths and increase resiliency through a variety of methods that can include games, art, music, group therapy, EMDR. Teens interests are always considered in the development of a treatment plan.

Enjoying Nature

Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, you will collaborate with a therapist to identify goals as well as the ways you wish to achieve those goals. Within a safe and nurturing environment, your story will be heard and respected. Together  you will work to discover ways to move on to new experiences, growth and change.

Therapists Can Help With Anxiety, Depression, Phase of Life Problems and more:

  • Parenting

  • Personal and Professional Stress

  • Establishing  healthy patterns of behavior and boundaries  

  • Finding balance

  • Healthy Emotional Expression

  • Grief and Loss

  • Building self-esteem

  • Learning coping strategies

  • Deepening spirituality

Trauma Therapy

Beach Walk

When you've experienced trauma, you may feel at a loss as to function, process what you've been through or how you can even start to heal. You seek something as simple as a sense of safety. Trauma comes in many forms and sometimes the memories which seem to linger may not meet the commonly accepted definition of trauma. But these traumas can be much more common and can even become more dangerous because we are not always able to identify them. These traumas are caused by repeated exposure to events that end up harming the coping resources, such as losses or situations of humiliation and suffering.


There are many reasons that trauma hurts us and causes post-traumatic stress. It can actually change your brain. You may no longer understand your thoughts, emotions or reactions to things that did not cause problems before.

Trauma therapy can seem daunting and even scary , but in a a safe and supportive environment and appropriate preparation significant changes can occur. The therapists at The Legacy House have extensive training in a variety of modalities including EMDR, Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure.

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